About Us

The idea for Bake Pro came into existence when I first attempted to bake for my kids. I was on a quest to bake homemade decadent, sweet treats my kids could enjoy all the time.  

Soon, I was on a mission to learn all the tricks to make my very own sweet delights.

I quickly realized that the right equipment is key to achieving consistent and professional baking results and can make a world of difference to our sweet or savory creations. This, coupled with the right techniques results in sweet yet effortless success every time.

With just a few BakeWiz tools like digital kitchen scales, I could now minimize the baking stress and mess in the kitchen. I had reduced my prep time and was producing my sweet treats with consistently amazing results every time. 

Now, as the Baking genius among friends, I am the go-to person for cakes, cupcakes, cookies and a whole host of other treats. I can now confidently bake for family and friends for all occasions or just as a sweet treat surprise.

Our Goal

We here at bakepro have been trying to bring smiles to everyone’s faces from the year 2017 through our range of hassle-free cookware and accessories such as the digital kitchen scales in Griffith, Wollongong, and Broken Hill.

We aim to achieve this by providing you with high-quality equipment that will not only make baking easier but will ensure perfectly consistent results every time- whether you are an avid baker or just starting out.

Our new product range ‘BakeWiz’ introduces digital kitchen scales in Griffith, Wollongong, and Broken Hill area, as well as the entire NSW, and celebrates the beginning of this journey and with many more products to come, there will be something for everyone. 

Please join us at www.bakepro.com.au to download our favorite tried and tested recipes and see the results for yourself so you too can become a BAKEWIZ and bake like a PRO every single time or better yet try out the digital kitchen scales and knives for your baking.

7 months ago
Jay Ravat

For someone that rarely bakes, I needed it to be an easy experience as possible. These scales helped me make the best chocolate muffins ever! Add the ingredients stir the mixture up and bake...whah-lah, Thanks so much, only problem is that no one believes I have baked the cakes, as cakes are consistently good, like a pro baked them!

10 months ago

I'm very happy with this scale - plenty of functions, really useful handle, stays on for a long time (big plus over the previous one I had that switched off in 5 seconds before I could even check the result sometimes). I really like how the removable bowl works, great for mixing ingredients, pouring them in and cleaning the bowl easily. Highly recommended.

2 years ago

I like the fact that is comes with an attached bowl & has a handle to which makes it so easy to mix & pour the batter. Looks very cool too.

3 years ago
T. Hansen

Firstly, excellent fast delivery- thanks Bake Pro. Bought this item because I saw it at a friends place and yes it is a very handy item to have in the kitchen. Easy to clean too.

3 years ago
Amalie P

I bought the knife and another item through this website and the products were delivered promptly. The packaging kept them safe and the thank you note was very sweet too. Really great service!

3 years ago
Ivana P

I love to bake but don't find the time to anymore. With the Bakewiz Digital Kitchen Food Scale it has really saved me a lot of time. I love the blue lit screen on the handle as it makes the numbers easy to read. Simply clever!

3 years ago
Jane Watson

I am not a very confident cook and because the Kitchen Food Scale does a lot of the work for me it makes cooking so much more fun. I love the 4 minute timer too as it allows the slow ones like me to prepare the next ingredient with no rush.

3 years ago

I bought two knives, one for my mum and one for me. It is great at cutting greens as the leaves don't go brown. Great for mum as it prevents finger cuts. Excellent multipurpose knife without the huge price tag!

3 years ago
Neomi Ferdinand

I use bake wise kitchen scale. The best I have come across so far. Very accurate. Great product.

3 years ago
Neomi Ferdinand

The dessert/ salad knife can be used without any hassle. The portions cuts out perfectly.


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